Values (Eng)

Foundation 2019 claims neither to provide a universal solution nor to moralise human activities.

The Foundation claims only to provide building bricks, among other components, for constructing something new together.


While Foundation 2019 actions are firmly located in areas of the economy, on the other hand:


We absolutely do not consider the economy to be an end in itself or humanity’s salvation!(*1), even less the speculative operations that indeed form, all by themselves, the best illustration of the current system’s aberrations.



We are very careful not to encourage directly or indirectly merchandising of goods that are common and vital to humanity and to denounce such operations.



The ultimate aim of our approach is neither to equate decision-making processes nor to develop new green technologies.

Tools, such as monetization of impacts, remain and are nothing more than tools. In no case are they themselves sufficient in a decision-making process. At best, they can only be imperfect decision-making aids. Their purpose is to encourage more accurate knowledge of the sum of our impacts and to abandon a logic based on plundering nature, currently considered “free”.



We support areas of free services, solidarity actions, donations, social support. We encourage different social and solidarity-based economic methods.



A spirit of free access embraces the tools developed by 2019. Its purpose is to ensure that these tools are disseminated as widely as possible and used without diversion from their objectives.

Foundation 2019 maintains a watch over regularity and honesty of usage of these new accounting tools.



[1] “Humanity has moved from the economy of salvation to salvation through the economy” Max Weber