Multiple values for the management and sustainable use of coastal and marine ecosystem services2020

    BLASIAK R., CHAKRABORTY S., GASPARATOS A.Journaux et Revues (scientifiques)

    aide à la décision, biens et services écosystémiques, coûts / mesures de prévention / protection

    Ecosystem Services
    Volume 41, February 2020, 101047

    Coastal and marine areas are increasingly recognized as coupled social-ecological systems (SES) or seascapes consisting of highly interlinked human and ecological elements (Berkes et al., 2003). These seascapes provide numerous ecosystem services ranging from provisioning services related to marine products of economic and subsistence value (Anneboina and Kumar, 2017, Potts et al., 2014) to regulating and cultural ecosystem services that have manifold contributions to human wellbeing (MA, 2005, Blasiak et al., 2017, Garcia Rodrigues et al., 2017). These ecosystem services are essential for approximately 28% of the global population that lives in coastal areas. However, coastal and marine SES experience rapid change, for example, facing the greatest exposure to climatic change that leaves their poor and marginalized residents among the world’s most vulnerable (IPCC, 2019, Blasiak et al., 2017). ...

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