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    Are ecosystem service studies presenting the right information for decision making?2017

    EPPINK F.V., GREENHALGH S., WRIGHT W.C.C.Journaux et Revues (scientifiques)

    aide à la décision, incertitudes / biais

    Ecosystem Services
    Volume 25, June 2017, Pages 128–139

    • Not all Ecosystem Services can be described using a single information type.
    • Decision making requires a presentation format for Ecosystem Services information that allows consideration of multiple information types.
    • Information for decision making must be salient, credible, and legitimate.
    • Presentation formats used in the literature do not meet all criteria for use in instrumental decision making.
    • Current presentation formats are valid for use in conceptual discussion.

    Monetary valuation is often used as a measure of ecosystem service value but is not appropriate for all Ecosystem Services. The ecosystem service literature has devised various formats to present monetary values together with other types of ecosystem service information, but these are rarely tested in a decision-making context. We search the literature to identify and classify formats used to present combinations of ecosystem service information types, and develop criteria to determine which features of these formats support instrumental and conceptual decisions. We find that many of the presentation formats present ecosystem service information in a way that supports conceptual discussions, but only a few formats present the information needed to make instrumental decisions. Furthermore, some of our assessment criteria are not met by any of the presentation formats. These gaps suggest further research areas to strengthen the usefulness of ecosystem service assessments in decision making.

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