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    Assessment of environmental and health benefits from the implementation of the UN-ECE protocols on long range transboundary air pollution1998

    FRIEDRICH R., HECK T., KREWITT W., MAYERHOFER P.Journaux et Revues (scientifiques)

    coûts / mesures de réduction, NOx, pollution, santé, SOx

    Journal of Hazardous Materials
    Volume 61, Issues 1–3, August 1998, Pages 239–247

    Following a detailed bottom-up impact pathway approach, environmental and health benefits in Europe resulting from the reduction of SO2 and NOx emissions according to the current UN-ECE protocols are quantified. As far as possible, the physical impacts are transformed into monetary terms, thus, allowing a direct comparison of abatement costs and environmental benefits. Compared to 1990 emission levels, the reduction scenario results in avoided damage costs of about 100 billion ECU per year. The analysis of geographical variation of benefits shows however that benefits and emission reduction efforts are unevenly distributed across countries.

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