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    Economic Valuation of Voluntary Carbon Offsets2014

    CHOI A., GOSSLING S., RITCHIE B.Conférences (proceedings)

    analyse conjointe / dichotomique, compensation, évaluation contingente

    Fifth World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists
    28 June - 2 July 2014, Istanbul, Turkey

    Rising uncertainties surrounding the regulated global carbon markets and domestic climate politics seem to provide a good reason for voluntary carbon offsets to play a more important and active role in addressing climate change. This paper investigated whether economic values for voluntary carbon mitigation are different between domestic and international flights and examined the crowding-out effect (i.e., new climate policies undermining voluntary action), involving both the contingent valuation (CV) and choice modelling (CM) approaches. The results demonstrate significantly different economic values between domestic and international flights, regardless of elicitation methods, although contingent values showed a serious strategic bias. A limited impact of the crowding-out effect is also evidenced in the findings, which might be conditional on the chosen valuation method and target populations. Thus, a continued role of voluntary carbon offsets is generally supported even under a carbon tax. Further, the convergent validity between the CV and CM approaches is rejected.

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