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    Economic valuation of extractive conservation in a tropical deciduous forest in Madhya Pradesh, India2000

    KUNHIKANNAN C., PURUSHOTHAMAN S., VISWANATH S.Journaux et Revues (scientifiques)

    aide à la décision, analyse coût-bénéfice / coût-efficacité, compensation, conservation, valeur d'option, valeur d'usage

    Tropical ecology    ISSN  0564-3295
    2000, vol. 41, no1, pp. 61-72 (30 ref.)

    Incorporating locally prevalent extractive uses of a natural habitat into valuation methods may be appropriate in improving the efficacy and objectivity while justifying preservation. The consequences of a change in the marketing structure of medicinal plants caused by forest clearance for a multipurpose hydroelectric project across the river Narmada in the state of Madhya Pradesh was evaluated. Major loss of realizable pharmaceutical value in the submerged zone of a tropical dry deciduous forest upholds the relevance of sustainably managed conservation option over a development option with irreversible changes. Various costs and benefits relevant to the problem are quantified and compared. Multiplicity of benefits and economies of scale associated with in-situ preservation in a local economy offset the net benefits projected in the development option mainly due to shortfalls in targeted benefits and compensatory afforestation.

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