Amure Publications, Working Papers Series D-33-2012

    In 2006, Ifremer, with the help of the polling institute BVA, implemented a national pilot study
    regarding recreational fisheries. Taking into account all different modes of fishing activities, from
    seafood gathering to offshore angling, including spear fishing, this study was designed to provide
    estimates of (i)number of recreational fishers in France, (ii) fishing effort; (iii) catches and landings; (iv)
    economic impacts of recreational fishing and to draw a classification of recreational fishermen. A dual
    method survey was adopted: a random-digit-dialing (RDD) survey, combined with an on-site survey.
    The data collected from telephone and on-site surveys were confronted and used jointly in the final
    estimations to provide the reliable estimations regarding this growing activity in France. The
    recreational fishers are estimates around 2.5 millions for a total of captures estimated at 24,000 t of
    fishes and 3,100 t of shellfishes. The expenditures were also assessed between 1,200 and 2,000
    millions euros.

    (consulted the 2013/08/14).

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