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    Evaluating the Benefits from Restored Ecosystems: A Back to the Future Approach2000

    JONES R., PITCHER T.J., SUMAILA U.R.Conférences (proceedings)

    écosystemes, valeur d'existence / culturelle, valeur d'option, valeur non marchande ou de non usage

    This contribution to the Back to the Future approach looks at the trade-offs between exploitation and conservation of ecosystem resources and services, studies ways by which the over all benefits to society from alternative aquatic ecosystem resources may be evaluated. Our approach argues that there are at least three objectives that must guide the use of aquatic ecosystem resources, namely, ecological, social and economic. The ecological perspective emphasizes the need to conserve and sustain aquatic ecosystems and the resources therein through time. The argument here is that these ecosystems and the resources that they hold have ecological benefits far beyond those bestowed upon them by the current generation of living human beings. The social objective attempts to cover aspects of aquatic ecosystem use that relates to the socio-cultural importance attached to the ecosystem by the communities directly connected and dependant on the ecosystem. It is also concerned with distributional equity, both inter- and intra-generational. Finally, economic objectives emphasize the fact that after making allowances for the ecological and social concerns, the use of the resources and services derived from the aquatic ecosystems need to be undertaken in an economically sensible manner. We propose an approach known as the Ecosystem-Economic approach, which can be used to evaluate benefits from alternative ecosystems, by taking into consideration all three objectives.

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