Changes in urban green spaces’ value perception: A meta-analytic benefit transfer function for European cities2020

    DILUISO F., GUASTELLA G., PAREGLIO S.Journaux et Revues (scientifiques)

    consentement à payer, transfert de bénéfices

    Land Use Policy
    Available online 23 October 2020, 105116

    • Contextual factors affect the willingness to pay for urban green spaces.

    • The degree of urbanization changes the value perception of urban parks.

    • Interaction effects of site-specific and geospatial variables improve the estimates.

    • Interactions and reduced heterogeneity enhance the transferability of estimated values.

    We estimate a meta-regression of the willingness to pay (WTP) for green spaces in European urban and peri-urban areas obtained from contingent valuation (CV) studies to construct a benefit transfer (BT) function. Compared to previous studies that estimated meta-regression for urban green spaces, we introduce two main novelties. Firstly, we focus exclusively on Europe to reduce the heterogeneity due to unobservable factors that affect the estimates and their transferability. Secondly, we use urban socio-economic indicators and land-use data derived from terrestrial observations as proxies for the supply and demand of ecosystem services at the local level, allowing interactions between these variables and the specific characteristics of the site valued. We demonstrate that both approaches improve the accuracy of the estimates and, hence, the validity of the transferred values.

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