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    What affect consumers’ willingness to pay for green packaging? Evidence from China2019

    CHEN H., FAN J., HAO Y., JI H., LIU H., SHA Y.Journaux et Revues (scientifiques)

    consentement à payer, coûts / mesures de réduction

    Resources, Conservation and Recycling
    Volume 141, February 2019, Pages 21-29

    • Influential factors of green packaging for consumers in China are investigated.

    • A nationwide first-hand dataset is constructed with a questionnaire survey.

    • Principal factor analysis method is used and four principal factors are found out.

    • General consumers have strong willingness to pay for green packaging.

    • Consumers would attach more importance to practicality of green packaging.

    With the growing popularity of worldwide environmental protection and the concept of sustainable development, eco-friendliness has become the trend of the times. In this regard, green packaging has received increasing attention in the logistics industry. Therefore, to promote the development of green packaging in China, it is of key importance to know consumers’ cognition and willingness to pay for it. In this study, the data of 781 respondents from a carefully designed survey is used to analyze the influential factors of consumers’ willingness to pay for green packaging. By employing the principal factor analysis method, four principal factors affecting consumers’ willingness to pay are uncovered: environment, green packaging quality, commodity, and packaging price. According to the estimation results, even though the majority of consumers have insufficient certain knowledge regarding green packaging, they have a fairly strong willingness to pay for it. Additionally, we observed that compared with the price and appearance of green packaging, consumers would like to attach greater importance to the practicality of green packaging, such as convenience, reusability, and protective capability.

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