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    The Challenge of Global Warming: Economic Models and Environmental Policy2007

    NORDHAUS W.D.Ouvrages (livres)

    fiscalité, effets conséquentiels, coûts des dommages

    Yale University
    New Haven, Connecticut USA
    July 24, 2007

    The issues involved in understanding global warming and taking policies
    to slow its harmful impacts are the major environmental challenge of the
    modern age. Global warming poses a unique mix of problems that arise from
    the fact that global warming is a global public good, is likely to be costly to
    slow or prevent, has daunting scientific and economic uncertainties, and casts a
    shadow over the globe for decades, perhaps even centuries to come.
    The challenge of coping with global warming is particularly difficult
    because it has spans many disciplines and parts of society. Ecologists may see it
    as a threat to ecosystems, marine biologists as a problem arising from ocean
    acidification, utilities as a debit to their balance sheets, and coal miners as an
    existential threat to their livelihood. Businesses may view global warming as
    either an opportunity or a hazard, politicians as a great issue as long as they
    don’t need to mention taxes, ski resorts as a mortal danger to their alreadyshort
    seasons, golfers as a boon to year-round recreation, and poor countries as
    a threat to their farmers as well as a source of financial and technological aid.
    This many-faceted nature also raises challenges to natural and social scientists,
    who must incorporate a wide variety of geophysical, economic, and political
    disciplines in their diagnoses and prescriptions.

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